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Stressed Man

New Home got U Feeling Stressed?

We Got U!

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our new home owners are...

Number 1.  informed

know what to expect

We have 4 Easy Phases that we will help you with during your Home building process.

Phase 1. | Exploring | Starts with filling out your home profile & floor plans.

  • what type of home?

  • how many sq ft?

  • building site?

  • your budget & time frame?

We'll start by taking a look at floor plans together, get most important options selected and get a price for your home.  

Phase 2. | Signing | You said Yes!  We get a contract signed & building process started.

  • get floor plans dialed in

  • thorough evaluation of building site

  • down payment due

  • Get moving- building permits, site preparation, excavation, foundations and framing

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Want to look at floor plans and options on your own? Take a peek.

Number 3.  important


We answer the phone.  We call you back when we say we will. And we'll even take time out of our weekends to work with you on your new home.  All while working on Phase 4.


Phase 4.  We build your home in a timely manner.


Number 2.  time savers

1 stop|1 time|1 person home selections

Phase 3. | Hand Picking |  Come sit on our couch and pick out your unique finishes.  

  • custom cabinets

  • flooring

  • counter tops

  • paint

  • siding, etc...

To prepare you for all the choices you get to make for your new home, we have a uniquelyours selections form you can receive below.  This will be very helpful in saving you time & energy. 

Selection Form

Want to explore a uniquelyours selections form? We'll send you a link.

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