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How Does Your Home Make You Feel?

The function of a home is to inspire you, hold you comfortably, relax you, and give you that feeling of success. It’s the smart move to add value to your life by becoming a homeowner.

What makes a home add value to your life? I can tell you it’s more than the real-estate value, or the possibility to make money…although if that’s what you’re after go for it, real estate is a smart investment. But what I’m talking about is how it makes you feel. It can give you that feeling of finally being successful, prominent, or courageous. Or maybe you will feel happiness, abundance, love and family.

A house can be designed with a certain look and that look will give you a certain feeling and that feeling is what most of us are after. When you walk into your house it should feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders, like you can breath deep and full, like life just got better, and maybe a big smile will come across your face.

When shopping for a house pause for a moment and feel. Stop the chatter in your head and really connect with your spirit. I have found that if I let go of the fear I will make the choice that is really right for me. But if I listen to my fear I will settle for some thing I’m really not happy with. Why settle for less than what inspires us?

Go for the best, make it personal, create a life you love and that includes a house you love.

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